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There is so much cute stuff out right now. Last summer, I felt the opposite. I pretty much hated everything. I don't know what happened this summer but y'all, I seriously have to restrain myself from just going crazy and spending a ton of money without even blinking. Self restraint, Rachel. Self restraint. If I COULD go nuts, below are things I would most certainly scoop right up. I love the tiny scallop detail on the shorts, the peplum top has grosgrain ribbon straps (adore), and something about that orange and blue dress is just speaking to me. Those Fighting Illini roots coming out in me, I guess?!

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I hope everyone had a good week! It was a little quiet around here - a little bit of a rollercoaster week with work. But next week I'll have plenty of fun, new posts ready for you. I'm excited for this weekend - tomorrow morning we are heading down to a friend's houseboat for a day full of sun, lake, and beers! It's supposed to be like 93 degrees and sunny here, so it's a perfect weekend to be on the lake. 

shopping  |   There are SO MANY good sales going on right now. Shopbop has an extra 25% off sale through midnight tonight! I bought these sandals and love this dress, these heels (perfect transition to fall), and this top). Loft is 40% off everything, Anthropologie has tons of markdowns, and Madewell has an extra 30% off sale.

listening   |    Broadway stars gathered to record "What the World Needs Is Love" as a tribute to the Orlando shooting. I can't stop listening - it seriously gives me chills. Every song purchase on YouTube goes straight to the LGBT community in Orlando.

reading   |   Loved this blog post from Whitney. A good reminder we all need now and then.

voting   |   No, not in the election. But my blogging friend Annie has been nominated for a lifestyle blog award in Charleston. She's pretty amazing, so you all should go vote for her!

Have a great weekend! See you all Monday! 

roasted corn and tomato pasta salad

I'm actually not lying when I say that some of my happiest moments and greatest joy revolves around food. I mean, it's just so tasty! And a great meal usually involves great drinks and company, hence happy moments. This weekend I was at Burger Up with friends and having a happy moment, because naturally we were discussing food! My friend Cobb had a recent birthday dinner at Mangia in Nashville and was describing this one pasta they had and literally, my mouth was watering. Because, foods! So that night when I got back into Lex, the first thing I did was go to the grocery and attempt to recreate it. And while I might have varied a few things and Mangia's version is probs way better than mine, I think this is an excellent weekday lunch or summertime side. Easy to make for big groups, or just for yourself. 

Roasted Corn & Tomato Pasta Salad


2 c noodle of choice
2 ears of corn off the cob, roasted
2 chopped tomatoes
Chopped basil
Fresh mozzarella
Olive oil

Boil noodles, assemble other ingredients, and toss with olive oil and salt and pepper. Serve warm or cold.

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