Sunday, 27 May 2018

Getting the Right Lens

Contact lenses are one of the most liberating inventions of the modern era. By being able to see perfectly without glasses you can play sport, go swimming (or snorkeling or diving), go to a gig, and many other activities whilst be being able to see perfectly, and not having to worry about preventing damage to your glasses.

 Right Lens

However, contact lenses are also responsible for around 9% of admission to eye hospitals in the UK every year. Bearing in mind 1.65million people wear lenses, this isn’t a huge number, but nonetheless, there are health considerations to bear in mind which is why it’s so important to make sure that you get a prescription (and your contact lenses) through a specialist like Vision Direct.

 The most common problems are with the lenses themselves. A tight or a loose lens can cause problems, and it’s not always immediately apparent that there’s a problem because most lenses are comfortable to begin with. Poorly fitting lenses can allow dirt in (if they’re too lose) cause corneal problems (if too tight) or mostly just be an enormous irritant. Getting the Right Lens

 Perhaps the most frequent cause of health problems relating to contact lenses is actually how well you care for the lens itself. Poor cleaning can lead to protein accumulation which can cause irritation, and problems with fungi can also cause damage. The most common reason for all dirty lenses is not having properly clean hands when the lens is put in. One way around having to worry about lens care is to have daily lenses, although you’ll still need to wash your hands.

 Another common problem is lens dryout. People have a natural tendency to blink less with contact lenses, and this can lead to the lens (and therefore the eye) drying out, it can also lead to deposits building up on the surface of the lens, and starve the eye of oxygen. This is avoided by making sure that your lenses are compatible with your eyes, fit right, and that you don’t wear them for too long.
Right Lens

 Finally, contact lenses are tiny, and it’s all too easy to have a problem with a lens that you don’t notice. Damage can easily occur to the lens, and this opens the door to all sorts of eye problems. A common cause of damage is dirt getting in or around the cleansing solution, or the lenses being left in a warm area when they’re not in your eye. This can cause the lenses to warp which makes them less comfortable and more prone to causing problems. Getting the Right Lens

The vast majority of people look after their contact lenses well and never experience a problem, however, you always have to be aware of potential problems and do your best to avoid them. Most of its just simple maintenance and making sure that your hands are clean when you put in your lenses, but problems do occur and if you experience any discomfort you should see your optician immediately.

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