Saturday, 26 May 2018

How To Increase Your Traffic, Without Increasing Your Budget

Have you been trying to attract more targeted traffic to your website, blog or advertisements?
Has your budget increased in order to get that traffic? 

Getting good targeted traffic doesn't mean that it should be expensive or even cost a dime. Your time can make the difference between a top 10 Search Engine ranking or not be ranked at all.

increase your traffic

To start off, if you don't already have a blog related to your website, then you're missing out on a valuable resource. Blogs are great for getting targeted traffic to your site. If you continually update the content of your blog, it will be giving the Search Engines what they want: related content, updated frequently.

Also if you don't currently have any affiliate programs related to your blog topic, it would be recommended as they would be an additional source of income. As another source of income, you should also have Google Adsense setup on your site or blog. In order to get increased amounts of traffic and a higher PR (Google Page Ranking) you will need to have a lot of links linking to your blog or if you have a related web site you could insert your website link instead.

The first step is to search for at least 20-50 blogs related to your topic. Once you have a list of related blogs, the next step will be leaving a comment on those blogs. Within your comment, leave a link to your website or blog. In this method, you can also have your main keyword(s) embedded in your link. During this process, you should ping every 5 or 10 blogs you leave a comment on. This looks better by pinging the blogs you left a comment on, every time you ping it will come from a different location instead of constantly pinging your own blog.

A few ways to find blogs related to your topic are: - - -

To ping the blogs that you left a comment on, go to and enter the blog name and url, then put a checkmark in the services to ping and submit.

A great way to get your main keyword phrase higher in the search rankings is by using it in your anchor tags (the words that are used in the link)

The best way to get free targeted traffic is by having many links point to your website and optimizing your keyword phrases in your ads and comments will make a great deal of difference to your site traffic. To get a lot more links to your website or blog, you should do searches for ezines, classifieds, link directories related to your topic.

The key to remember is that links to your website or blog is where you will receive most of your traffic. Whenever you leave comments or promote ads, always use your keyword phrase as your anchor text. When your keyword phrase has a top ranking, you can then move on to your next keyword phrase.