Saturday, 26 May 2018

Inbound links in seo- okclk

inbound links in seo okclk

1, Listing the website in directories
2, Write articles and submit them to various article directories.
3, Use your URL as part of your signature in discussion forums and newsgroups.
4, Develop simple software and place the download URL on your website and submit the URL to various shareware listing sites.
5, Place good articles, content on your website so that other website owners link to your website naturally.

What are inbound links?

 Inbound links are also called as one-way links. Links that point out to your site from various other sites are called inbound links.

Advantages of inbound links:

In order to get on top of search engines, it is very necessary to build inbound links. The more inbound links pointing out to your site, the more often search engine robots will visit your site. Automatically your site will have a large number of quality hits. When the number of inbound

links increases we also acquire a better Google PR. Sites with more number of inbound links are considered as good quality sites by the search engines hence placing them in top positions.
Methods to build inbound links:


For attaining top rankings in search engines, it is essential to spend time and get many inbound links. Inbound links send qualified visitors to your website. This, in turn, makes your website more profitable.