Sunday, 27 May 2018

Preparing low calorie desserts australia to stay fit and healthy

With the growing figure consciousness amongst the majority of us it has become crucial to keep our food habits under control. On the other hand doctors have also pointed out that being overweight can lead us to a number of diseases. Now it has become important to count the nutrition value and calorie amount for every single meal to stay fit and healthy for a better life. low calorie desserts australia
low calorie desserts australia

We now have to plan every meal in such a way that they provide us the balanced diet at a low calorie. Dessert is a prime constituent of our everyday meal which contains a lot of calories but it is also possible to make it healthy. We often think that to make food tasty it needs a lot of fat but that’s not the only option. You can make food taste even with low-fat content.

Preparing a healthy dessert

Instead of putting creams and sugar use fruits which will increase the sweetness level naturally. Adding various types of berries, grapes can help you to enrich the food value at the same time make the dessert tasty.

Instead of ice – creams go for flavored yogurts or custards which contain fewer calories but tastes similar to ice cream. If you can’t hold your temptation for ice- cream eat those containing less cream and sugar. It is also advisable to cut the amount, instead of having whole one scope melt half of it to add us topping on your desserts made of fruits. Few drops of melted chocolate on it can also create a difference. Adding few nuts can also enrich the taste of your dessert. You can also go for sugar-free jello cakes which tasty yummy.

So don’t worry if you are dieting. Try you these following tips and quench your thirst for mouth-watering desserts.

low calorie desserts Australia