Sunday, 27 May 2018

Ways to avoid skin darkening

avoid skin darkening

The best ways to avoid skin darkening

  1. Use herbal lipsticks
  2. Apply natural lip balms to moisturize your lip
  3. Use lipsticks or balms contain UV protection shield before going out
  4. Eat a healthy diet to maintain the natural pinkness of the lip
  5. The rub of the dead skin from the lip with a soft brush dint bite them
  6. Massage your lip with almond or olive oil with few drops of lime to get rid of tans
  7. Remove lip make- up with cleanser
  8. Apply honey, coconut water, curd to avoid darkening
  9. Drink lots of water
It is better to take proper measures to maintain the natural look of the lip at an early stage as it becomes