Friday, 1 June 2018

Asparagus and garlic can help to cut down Obesity and Blood Sugar Level

Blood Sugar Level

Blood Sugar Level: Are you suffering from obesity or blood sugar? They are the basic cause of various major diseases. It becomes very difficult to bring them under control. But certain natural ways can be adopted to get rid of them. Foods like asparagus, chicory, artichokes can be included in the diet to fight these problems. Vegetables rich in antioxidants and magnesium can lower the levels of diabetes. Blood Sugar Level

Research shows that these vegetables are loaded with fermentable carbohydrates. They help to restrain hunger and improve the ability to manage blood pressure. This is because they are capable of releasing gut hormones that reduce appetite. So if you are suffering from obesity including these vegetables in your diet will help you fight obesity.

They are also capable of controlling glucose level in the body by enhancing the secretion of insulin – the hormone that is produced by the pancreas. It is studied that how this hormone can permit glucose to enter the body’s cell. Various researchers are carried out to find how hunger and glucose levels in the blood are synchronized in people with high diabetes level. Blood Sugar Level

These researchers help to determine whether ferment-able carbohydrates could provide people with effective and affordable ways to reduce the risk of developing blood sugar. It could revolutionize treatments for obesity and diabetes. It has been found out that if vegetables like broccoli, spinach, sprouts are eaten on a daily basis it can reduce the risk of such diseases by 14 %.

So be conscious of today and include these in your diet to keep obesity and blood sugar at bay.