Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Can Your Competitors Sabotage Your Rankings

Competitors Sabotage
Do you fear that your online Competitors Sabotage might try to achieve online success through sabotaging your website rankings in Google?Have you too heard about the shuddering stories that your online competitors are able to lower your rankings through artificially buying hundreds of daily links from some web directories?

Rest assured that the case is not as bad as you might think. In fact Google knows about this trick and is aware that some businessese might try to hurt other businessese visibility and has expressed in the webmaster section that there is no way you can get burnt by others.

Suppose you have some competitors, and in fact there are hundreds in every online field, and suddenly they want to create a havoc in your online records on Google by ordering and buying hundreds of site-wide links through a web directory and all of these links pointing at your website.

As said earlier some are afraid that this might be true that Google suddenly realizes hundeds of new   Competitors Sabotage  links are in place that weren't there the last night and so It might penalize your website or lower your rankings. What should you do? Is it possible? The fact is, you can not be penalized for the links pointing at your website but you might be if you link to a penalized site.

If such a myth about destroying a website was true, so there would never be so many top 10 websites on Google lasting for years being online.Try thinking logically, in today's competitive online world all webmasters are busy at their own SEO methods and techniques and are not going to spend time and money to buy links for some others.

But a note must be mentioned  Competitors Sabotage here that if your domain has not yet passed its first year of registration, please try exercising the SEO methods gradually and not overnight, for example do not buy 10 pagerankes pf 5 in a week, instead practice doing it in longer period of time.

If you be honest and act honestly and professionally, no one can make Google get suspicous about your online activities.

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