Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Google Loves Natural Methods

It all began as of January when some newly optimized and boosted websites were shocked to see a dramatic change in their Google search rankings. Thousands of websites were unchanged, some went drastically down and some, up.

Natural Methods
Admins of such online companies shocked about what had happened consulted their beloved SEO companies and thousands of online experts were analyzing the case.

It was clear that Google had become smarter, changing the search algorithm and would realize the usual artificial seo techniques such as overnight link building strategies and other tricks.

Well, a large number of old websites are happy about all this cause Google has started to create a longer period for newbies to get to top of search engines.

It was usual that before the latest makeover if you wanted to get listed in first three pages of Google and other websites, you had to be famous either normally through natural links from other websites or through buying link ads.

Natural Methods
To some extent this has changed, now if you register a domain name and set up your website and are in need of high search engine rankings, you should be patient and exercise legitimate, natural methods to be indexed higher.

For example, it's not recommended to buy several high PageRank links in a week, cause your newly established website might not even be indexed or start getting rankings even for a whole year after registering your domain.

So try to be a friend to Google by 1) Be patient cause hurrying in SEO might be hurting your website as well. 2)It's not the end of the world not being able to get listed in first pages of Google search results, so try Google Adwords and online advertisement. 3)Don't concentrate too much on Google, try to get higher rankings in other major search engines like Yahoo and MSN. 4)Try increasing your Google popularity through natural webmaster link buildings and through blogs, message boards and last but not least through RSS.

Don't worry, if you offer nice web content and competitive services to your customers, you will be in profit even if you are not listed as you like in Google.

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