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Search engine optimization training

Search engine optimization
href=>Search engine optimization training is a startup guide for new learners who wish to start with S.E.O.

For this you have to start with the top of the html document.

Many web promotion experts who are doing search engine optimization in India and various countries for top search engines like Google , Yahoo and Alexa think that you should be starting with the html tag which is a wrong idea.

One should always start his document with something like - <DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN>

Note this point clearly that Html(invented by LEE) is very very important in SEO (Short for search engine optimization) and that you should always have a validated html to get your web-site/webpage in top rankings of a popular search engine. You can validate html documents at

I will also recommend that you start with website as this is one of the best sites for basics on html and web-site development.

After the opening of your webpage with DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN , the next things are html , head and title tags of your page.

Within the head tag of your doc comes the title tag (Considered to be the best tag for search engine optimization people - This is the most important tag in your document as far as search engine optimization and web-site promotion are concerned).

Lets says if you have a website on software to find articles then it would be good for you to go for the keyword 'find article' in your title tag rather than using a title like "We have a software to find out articles, blah blah here".

Because this is the most important tag it is crucial that you do a proper key-word analysis before entering the text info in the title tag of your webpage.

From the most important tag of title in your doc we move on to the metatags.

With the passage of time people few seo experts believe the importance of metatags have gone down.

Even though this may be true to some extent, many of the search engines like still value the meta tags. Example search for keyword search engine optimization india or seo india on and you will see that Jvw company at Search engine optimization INDIA | Seo India has used the important keywords in the metatags to its very advantage.

You should not think of doing spam in the metatags section of your webpage or your website could get into problems and might get banned.

Another entity that gives lot of importance to the metatags info is the open directory project .

Usage of meta tags :
<META content="Description of your webpage should go here in meta description and you should make sure it is just description and not a long love story or intro of your site to do spamming of keywords" name=description>

<META content="Your best keyword here, some more important keywords should follow here with comma" name=keywords>

Note that the metatags help you in SERPs therefore you have to be very careful about how you are going to use them.

Some pointers :
->Description : Dont ever spam the meta-description with your keywords and also remember to stick to the theme of the page.

->Keywords : Always Start with the best (most important) keyword in the tag and only follow with the keywords that are related to the content , theme and idea of your web-page.

EG. if keyword you are targetting is RSS software and scripts package then you should be starting with the keyword as Rss software and scripts for promotion in the keywords section of the metatags : you can then follow up with rss software, rss scripts, rss promotion, rss submitter etc. Also use the same keyword in the title of your document to gain more importance.


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