Friday, 1 June 2018

Top 5 West Sussex Harbours

When it comes to seeing elderly relatives it can be fun to take them on a day trip to a pretty area nearby and natural water features can be just the ticket.

So if your parents or grandparents are staying at one of the quality nursing homes West Sussex has to offer, where can you take them to see boats, harbors and all things nautical? Well, there are plenty of options available, but it may be best to pick one that minimizes the risk of a fall.
West Sussex Harbours

Here is a list of five beautiful seaside options that could have all the ingredients for a great day out.

Bognor Regis : While it is famous for housing one of the UK’s famous Butlin’s Resorts, the town has lots more to offer. With a whole host of restaurants and bars as well as a range of shopping outlets, there is plenty to do. Head to the Bognor Regis Museum for a bit of history about the destination and be sure to have a walk along the famous Bognor Regis Pier, where the annual Birdman Rally takes place.

Bosham: For people that prefer somewhere a little more quaint, Bosham is a pretty little village that is steeped in history. Expect to find tiny craft shops and tea shops as well as a gorgeous view of the local river.

Chichester: Across the water from Bosham is Chichester, which gives its neighbor a run for its money in terms of being picturesque, while also boasting an impressive array of cultural centers, such as Pallant House Gallery and Chichester Festival Theatre. Chichester Harbour is a natural landmark and is a popular boating water.

Littlehampton: For anyone who likes boats Littlehampton Marina may be the best option, as it often features a range of vessels including luxury speedboats and yachts.

Worthing: Last but certainly not least is Worthing, which is another top cultural destination and features a quaint pier for seaside walks. It was the town’s beautiful seafront that allowed it grow from a fishing hamlet into a center for coastal tourism in the 19th century.

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