Tuesday, 3 July 2018

An Experiment To Examine SEO Rankings

SEO Rankings
ABOUT ME ---------------------------------------------------- My name is Akash. I am just 16 years old. Yes I am 16. Then you will think that ther's no use to read childs article! what he would be knowing abou SEO Rankings? If you think the same! You are wrong! I have given my 2 long years to SEO (to understand it) I know some of the most ubilievable advantages. You would be thinking that I sell anything on my website and I am trying to attract traffic through this article , again you are wrong. I don't have a website as I don't know designing I just study SEO. So don't worry I will provide pure information which has no signs of greed. ----------------------------------------------------

REMEMBER --------------------------------- SE = Search Engine PR = Page Rank KD = Keyword Density SEO = Search Engine Optimization SES = Search Engine Submission ---------------------------------

I have got some latest information on SE's. Recently I performed an experiment and was successful. I will tell you what to do first let make it clear everybody even the high ranking sites say the same that "Link" is most important thats true and they also say "Quality Links" are important. But have you ever thought what are quality links?

You would say, the sites which have high "PR" or BLAH...BLAH...BLAH

OK, that you know but have you thought how that site have got higher rankings. So lets take an example.

Suppose there is a site which has (links = 2000 and PR = 8) ranking 1 in google now how this site got a PR = 8 and "rank 1" SEO Rankings in Google because of those 2000 links. So quality is build by quantity.

So to prove that I performed an experiment and I was successful.

I published 20 pages on the net with unordinary keywords such as "Kallu Mallu" which had no pages submitted with this keyword. In which 19 pages were linking to the 20th page and performed SES on Google when all the 20 pages were indexed I saw that 20th page was at the top.

But remember that all the 19 pages were having "KD = 50%" and all the 19 pages were optimized for SE's

So to get the top rankings. First search with the keyword in which you want to get top rankings and note the URL of the top website showed by Google and in Google search for that URL and check how many pages link to it.

And now the hard part, publish some pages (linking to you) more than the no. of pages that link SEO Rankings to the top ranking site and submit all the pages to Google and in few weeks you will be at the top.

But remember, optimize all the pages for SE's. To read how optimize Search with authors name "Akash Kumar" in

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