Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Avoid Fasting and Feasting for a Healthy Food Habit

Healthy Food Habit
Most of us have the misconception that fasting or skipping our regular meals can help us cut down our bodyweight. Often we find people eating up more the next day of feast so what is the net result, actually the negative Healthy Food Habit effect overrides the positive ones. No way fasting can cut down your body fat.

Starving has become a fashion nowadays. Most of us aspire to look like super models and start adopting various unhealthy measures. Research shows mother suffering from under- nutrition from before can become the cause of several diseases in the offspring. For children, the first two years of their life is very important so Healthy Food Habit if the mother doesn’t have a proper diet the child can never be healthy.

Effects of Fasting

2. It makes certain medicines ineffective as there prescribed to have along, before or after food

3. It could cause headache, constipation, vomiting and other dangerous health problem

5. It would hamper your concentration power making you restless and irritable.

Effect of feasting followed by fasting

1. Sudden food supply in the body will cause digestion problem

2. You would land up eating more and put on more weight

3. It would make your feel lethargic

Fasting can be effective only if it is done the right way. But it is not meant for all as it may cause sudden drop in your blood sugar level Healthy Food Habit. Individuals suffering from diabetes or heart problem should avoid fasting or feasting. The side effect of long term fasting followed by feasting can be hazardous to health so follow the right possible to control your body weight.

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