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How to get pregnant fast even with Irregular Periods

It is very sad to know that the real reason for you not conceiving is irregular periods. Yes! It reduces the chances of you becoming pregnant easily. Regular periods contribute to the healthy baby, and therefore in order to experience that eternal joy of motherhood, it is very essential that you start some treatment for this issue. In this article, I am sharing with you a few tips regarding how to get pregnant fast even while having the trouble of irregular periods.
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How will irregular periods hinder becoming pregnant?

The regular menstrual cycle lasts for a period of time in between 25 to 30 days, and some expert Doctors also confirms that even up to 45 days for the menstrual cycle is common and nothing to worry. Even if it does not occur for one month it is not a big issue. But if the menstrual cycle never occurs for more than two to three months then you are suffering from the irregular menstrual cycle. The reason or cause for the irregular period’s need to be first detected before attempting for the conception. Ovarian cyst or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is the few factors responsible for the irregular periods in the females in the reproductive stage. Other factors include hormonal imbalance and stress. But you need not think that this is the end of everything, because you can still conceive in spite of all these factors.

Steps to conceive fast with irregular periods

  • One of the worst difficulty caused because of irregular periods are that it becomes difficult to calculate and predict the ovulation period of time.

  • If you find it a puzzle to understand and to predict the ovulation then you can maintain the basal body temperature chart. During the ovulation period of time there is a surge in the body temperature and this change can be noted to know the ovulation period exactly.

  • Another option to find out the ovulation period is the ovulation kits that are available.

  • Another very fruitful method involved in getting the expected results is by having sexual intercourse every alternate day between the two menstrual cycles. This is considered as the most effective method involved in conceiving. If you ovulate in any day in between the menstrual cycle then you are surely going to become pregnant. This need to be followed for numerous numbers of days in order to get good results.

  • There are fertility drugs available in the market which helps in increasing the chances of the women becoming pregnant. Many women who have irregular periods have conceived with the intake of fertility drugs. Sometimes there may be hyperovulation which might increase the fertilization of more than one egg. As a result, there are chances of these women under treatment to give birth to beautiful twin or triplets as well.
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