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How to get pregnant with twins, the factors involved

Get pregnant with twins

How to get pregnant with twins, the factors involved love this life blog

There are many factors that can influence the conception of either fraternal twins or identical twins. These factors are your age and birth controls. This may sound hard to believe but it’s actually true. This is great news for old women who desire to know how Get pregnant with twins because they think that can’t conceive, and those using birth controls. Some women may want to conceive twins so that they can give birth once and raise their children together.


Aged women have been associated with menopause and conceiving children that are not normal but this changes because mature and older women have high chances of conceiving twins than younger women. This is because in older women follicle stimulating hormone is produced more. As a woman grows old her eggs start to diminish and are of less quality therefore follicle stimulating hormone is increased to replenish the ageing and less quality eggs. In this process of replenishing, the follicle stimulating hormones may over stimulate a woman resulting in double production of eggs Get pregnant with twins with fraternal twins becomes easy.

Birth control pills

How to get pregnant fast? For a woman who has been on pills. This is question answered below. There are lots of women who desire to have twins but are not able because in their family history there have been no twins. But this can be solved in that for woman who has been on pills for more than 6 months her body may take time to adjust and come back to normal once she stops using the pills. It can take time for her hormones to stabiles and in this process she may have too much hormone stimulation causing the ovaries to release more eggs resulting to the conception of Get pregnant with twins. Though contraceptives may have many disadvantages; this one great thing for couples who wish to have twins.

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