Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Start using Link Exchange methods

Link Exchange
read some articles about Google Ranks a few months ago, there is a theory how to get high ranks from Google result search. I dont know if this a truth or just issues of the months. :P That is Google rank will be count for how many website/domain/blog Link Exchange that contains your url ? So how to add our url into other websites ? of course we talk about link exchanges.

For weblog we can found a lot of services that give away for free to start using link exchanges services. Not only for weblog, this is global - we can exchange our link with related site or not, depend on you. And not for ranks only, because of this we can get more traffic.

Lets start with Free Link Exchange Services that i recomended for now. A lot of feature you can found with this services. Take a look at or As a free member you can get alot of feature that will support your website to starting exchanges your links without having difficult. More similiar site serives that provides Link Exchange Services for free. If you like this free services, you will get more feature if you buy for paid mamber.

Ok, now i suggested you to start request other website for exchange their link Link Exchange that related with your website. Use categories menu to search website/blog that related. Take 10 or 20 links to start request, do this actions in 2 or 3 days in future. Mean while you waiting for aprooval from all site/blog that you requested.

I know, im not 100% guarantee to get higher rank at search engine, specially Google Link Exchange . Is so many method to get rank at search engines. But at least you can try to get more traffic using this traffic.

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