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7 Steps Organic Search Sngine Optimization in 2006

Search Sngine Optimization
Last month Google wrap-up its Jagger updates and we have seen changes in rankings of many sites. Basically this is one indication before the beginning of New Year that crawlers are getting smarter and smarter and have much better filters for Search Sngine Optimization producing relevant search results.

Search results are the most important thing for any search engine. Giants like Google, Yahoo, MSN are working more on producing the filtered results, so that results match the queries. I still feel organic SEO will have edge over others. Sites which are well structured and have balanced contents will improve there rankings. Soon SE's will filter out maximum sites which have duplicate contents or involved in content spamming. Below are the few things which should be the focus areas for a website owner:

1. Ranking mostly depends upon the maturity of the site. Older sites will have better rankings and will have more indexed pages.

2. Site structure is the most important factor in producing higher rankings. I am not debating the theme based sites or a journalized site, but talking about structuring the contents of the site in a proper manner. SE's should know where your home page is located.

3. Relevancy of contents. This is another important Search Sngine Optimization aspect and site owners need to work on it. Meta tags are irrelevant to some extent, but important is relevant contents on site. Each section of the site should contain unique contents, to obtain desired results.

4. Design the site for humans not for crawlers. Usability factor should be analyzed properly and more and more focus should be given towards human visitors so that they can easily navigate your site.

5. Say no to invisible texts. This is unacceptable practice. I still believe larger texts which can be read clearly by human eyes. Invisible text or contents may lead your site to delete permanently from search index.

6. I am a strong opponent of Text link trade. This is my personal view. Few good incoming links from major directories can help your site's performance in Search Sngine Optimization. Even after you go for a link exchange or a buy a link from a broker, you need to find links from the sites which are higher rank than yours, legitimate site offering few outbound links and should be relevant to your site theme. Please stay away from sites which are made only for link exchange.

7. Review and updates for your sites. Your designer must focus on designing clean codes. A monthly updates in your site will help a lot. Each month Search Sngine Optimization or biweekly you must review your site's performance and act according to that.

Above are few quick shots for obtaining better results in SE's in the year 2006. Please read More article on Search Engine Optimizations 2006 and Online Marketing Promotions here. Please took your time and read my Marketing Blog

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