Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Do you hate doing link exchange

link exchange
Do you hate doing link exchanges,I do with each day more and more. Filling forms,adding partner links then removing them after your link partner did't add you links after weeks of waiting.

Also there are bunch of dishonest people that put your links on orphan pages(pages that are not linked from their main page),also some people use no follow tags, then there is another bunch that use flaws in link exchange directories/services link exchange to get links without giving you reciprocial link on any kind.

All this link exchange directories/services are pretty useless, what I want from them is to show me how active is webmaster in exchanging links, when was the last time he reviewed links request and so on. The number of accepted and rejected link exchange links dosen't mean anything if it was two years ago.

When they start new website webmasters are active in exchanging links but after some time they just stop and just ignore new link requests. This is the pattern you will see in 90% of webmasters.After the website is indexed and get some SERPS they just go to their next site and promote that new website.

So here is idea for new link exchange service which will have this two in my opinion major advantages over existing linkexchange services.

1.will promote members who are active in link exchanges need to add link of your link partner to your website and then link exchange ask for them to approve your link,this will save your valuable time,just simple request and if he approves you then link exchange can be completed.

If something like this exist let me know. If you are interested in making something like this let me know,it is not that hard to develop,just little of PHP programming. I am .Net desktop developer and unfortunatlly lack PHP skills to do web development, because I will persue this myself. But if you need partner for hosting or similar help link exchange let me know. With service like this you need just to get fair amount of members to get it rolling, also you can have advanced features for paid members. This is opportunity for monthly reccuring income.

As I said i don't see service like this and I tested few of them, if I am wrong please let me know I will be glad to test it.

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