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Dominate the Rankings on the Search Engines

Search Engines
Today's topic is going to cover a favorite subject of mine, search engines. I am naming this one How to Dominate the Rankings.

Must be asking, what in the world makes you an expert on dominating the rankings? What's your credentials. Your right, I have none and I'm no expert Search Engines. I'm not sure how to dominate anything but my monkey. It's a joke people, just jokes. What I do know is some of my sites are at the top of the rankings and new websites I am working on are rising everyday.

Ok Ok, enough already. I think you get the point. I may not be an expert, but I have somewhat of an understanding of how to rank on the 1st or 2nd page. Sooooo. Do I have your attention now. Goood!

How do you get your site to the top of the rankings for your keywords. No one really knows the true answer as the search engine world is very complicated. However there are things that you can do to take your website from a site that only you (and maybe some friends) know about to thousands of people knowing.

There are 2 factors that you want to consider in your search engine optimization. They are called.

On-page optimization
Off-page optimization.

Just from the wording you can probably take a good guess at what they are. So I'm not going to go into it. You take it from here. Good luck.. . .

Nah, I'm kidding. Let's talk about On-page. On-page optimization is factors that you change on your page. Off-page is factors on other people's websites. What's more important you may ask? Both are important, but off-page is more important than on-page Search Engines. Back in the hay day of the internet, on-page ruled. But due to spammers and cheats, on-page became less important but still holds some revelance. So make sure you get it right.

Today's post is going to focus on on-page for right now. Like my momma always told me, "make sure your backyard is clean before you worry about someone else's" I never understood that when I was young. But it sounded good Search Engines. I do now though. Anyway, back to the subject. What are factors that you can change on-page to help your rankings. Several. Let's talk about a few here.

I think one of the most important ones to change is your Title. Really!! Yes really. You should come up with a good clean title to your website. Not just any Title. The Title of all titles. Your title should be readable to users, such as you and me, but contain YOUR keywords that you want to focus on. Let's look at this in more detail.

The Onla Adult Entertainment Site's title is Adult Entertainment Online. Remember above our keywords that we are ranking high with. To name a few
1. adult entertainment
2. entertainment online
3. adult entertainment online

Ooooohhhh. Is it making sense now! Notice anything between the keywords we have and the Title of the page?

Alright now on to the next factor meta description and meta keywords. Thing to note: With Google, meta keywords mean nothing. It does not consider it. But most of the others do, so it's good to have in there just in case. I try to optimize my sites for all the SE's, not just one. Word of caution here. Do not go crazy with the keyword. You do not need to put every instance of the keyword or keyphrase in your meta. For instance if your keyphrase is going to be baby momma. You do not need to stuff it with baby momma daddy uncle sister cousin best friend mom. Just put a few key pharses, around 15-20 is a good number to target.

Your meta description should touch on your keywords as well. After that, next you want to do is make sure your keywords or phrases appear in your content of your page. Bold or underline one or two just to add importance to it. A side trick that some seo experts say to do is add h1 and h2 tags. Some even go as far as adding h3 or h4 tags. These are called header tags. You add them into your code. Myself personally, I only go up to h2.

If your website is full of pictures and banners, search engines cannot see them. Change the alt text of the banner or picture. The alt text is the text that is viewed if a user puts his/her mouse over it. It appears in a little box. Search engines can see that. Put some of your keywords in there. Again, do not spam. I trick I do to not appear to spam is put the keyphrase or keyword and end it with banner or image or picture. For example, keyword baby momma and I have a picture on the site. I would put the alt text for picture to be baby momma picture 1.

There are more things to do in which we can speak on it later. What I can tell you is to put your keyword in the search and find the website that is ranking number #1 and copy what they do. Their number #1 for a reason right? So duplicate the format and you should get similiar results.

Let's talk about a few things not to do. These will get you banned or penalized.

1. Do not make the keywords or phrases the same color as the background. So to the user, they never see, but the Search engines will. They do not like it and it's consider spammed. If your site does Search Engines not have the content to fit the keywords and you cannot get creative enough to mix it in so it flows, change up your keywords. Focus on some that you can make flow. But do not do that trick. It's an old trick and SE's are smarter than that. They will know that it's being done and ban you. If your site is doing this now, this is probably why your not ranking well.

2. Keyword spam. This is just repeating the same keyword over and over and over again in your title, meta description and through your page. Again another no no. This will get your site banned from the SE. They see this as spam.

In summary, as I always state in my post, focus on your content. Overall that is the best advice. Set your page up right and focus on the content and the rest should fall in place. With most SE's, when your webpage optimized, it's a waiting game. A little known fact is most websites, probably in the high 80 percentile are not Search Engines optimized at all to rank well. Your well optimized website will stand out to SE's and move up. Just stay focused on your content. Change up your content regularly, say once every 2-3 weeks, monthly at the worse. This is a good thing as the SE's will see your site as important and keep checking back due to the updated content.

We will get into Off-page on another post. I think it needs to be talked about separately. Right now I will let you guys run so you can get working on optimizing your websites.

Feel free to share your seo tactics with everyone. Happy optimizing.

John Cal

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