Saturday, 4 August 2018

Getting Back Links to your site Free

 Back Links
Get Free Links To Your Site Instantly

As many of you know, getting links that point to your site is a must for search engine optimization. Search engines such as Google use backlinks to measure the value of your page. The higher value your page is, the higher your search engine standings. Search engines use this as a tool to eliminate the spam pages out of their index. Because they think no one will link to a spammy page and thus the link to the page must be authentic. If your site has been online for some time, it will usually have some natural links pointing to it. What I mean by this is someone saw your site fit and placed a Back Links to it from their webpage. However, most webmasters will frown on the idea of linking to a page without some sort of link back.

Getting Links

You could find sites online, then email the webmaster and ask them to link back to your site. Providing you will place a link to their site also. However this is a long and tedious process, and your response rate will usually linger around 5% or so. There are even places that will email webmasters for you and such. I've never tried it that way. I always considered it a sort of spam. However I'm sure there are legitimate providers that will handle the service  Back Links professionally.

Automating The Process

Getting your link to show up on pages can be automated. Thats right, all you need to do is sign up for this service and place their code on your webpage. Then you Back Links will show up on their thousands of partner sites. The links are non-intrusive and can be CSS styled to match your page. The service I'm speaking of is Digital Point Ad Network. You are assigned a weight for the links you display and your link will show up on partner sites. And the best part is that its free! All you need to do is sign up and place the linking code on your pages. The more ads you display on your page, the more weight you will recieve. Find out more by visiting Digital Point.

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