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href="">bathroom kitchen remodeling contractor & modular home construction company Laying Out The Site and Building the foundation Install temporary power and have electricity hooked up. Lay out site, install batter boards, dig foundation trenches and install the foundation forms. Pour footings, build foundation walls and piers, and install mud sills. Have the foundation inspected.

Setting House UnitsWork crews lift components by crane onto the foundation luxury home. RoofingInstall knee boards, collar ties and rafter supports. Install gable end walls, structure wood and supports. Install roof vents. Install roof underlayment and shingles on hinge rows. Install ridge cap shingles. DormersIf applicable, cut out roof, install dormer walls, trusses, roof decking, roof edge, tar paper, roll roofing in valleys, install shingles, metal flashing on front wall, install windows and finish trim.

Exterior Complete installation of exterior siding and trim, soffit and fascia. install windows in gable ends. Paint exterior doors and door jambs. Install shutters and optional exterior storm/security doors. Install landscaping. Complete Plumbing, Wiring and Utility HookupsInstall any under floor mechanicals, under floor plumbing and electrical work. Complete electrical hookup throughout home. inspect pipelines below or through the foundation. Provide plumbing connections for water and heater throughout home. Install exterior water faucets. Cut dryer vents through floor and the exterior of the house. Inspection of plumbing and wiring. Provide electrical service from power company luxury home. Have electric, gas and water utilities turned on. Heating and Cooling Install heating and air conditioning systems. Inspection of heating and air conditioning systems.

Steps, Porches, Decks, Driveways and SidewalksInstall steps, porches, decks, driveways and sidewalks where applicable. InteriorFinish interior wall and ceiling drywall repairs and painting. Complete installation of archway and casing. Install stairway walls, drywall, and stair rails to second floor and paint, where applicable. Finish flooring, carpet to carpet splice, carpet to tile splice. Finish installing interior doors and trim luxury home. Finish installing light fixures and ceiling fans. Finish installing shower doors, appliances and accessories.

CompletionClean up site outside and clean inside. Provide grading and seeding of disturbed land areas. Have the final inspection and secure certificate of occupancy. Move in.

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