Saturday, 4 August 2018

How to easy track results from any google datacenter

google datacenter
So, what is a google datacenter ? Google datacenters represent diferents locations where google iskeeping their servers for protecting their system from possible overloading. Inothers words, a user from Romania will be served by a different serverthat a user from California, even they type the same url of !!!How come they do this?! By entering into your webbrowser will take you to one IP address. ( representthe domain name, the address of the website , and the IP address,represent the physical adress of a real computer. [Actualy every computeron the internet has an IP address, including yours, but not everycomputer must to have a domain name pointed on it's IP, but this is anatherstory! ] ) How do you see what's your current google datanceter?!Very simple! Just click on Start ---> Run -> write : "command"(without "" of course ;) and write down ping in the blackscreen that's apearing. You will be able to see the IP address of yourcurent google datacenter. Sweet.

 Why should I care about using different Google datacenters?! Some datacenters are updating faster then others, some datacenters maycontain diferents results from others, some datacenters have "freshmeal" , so Search Engine Optimisers can quickly see more the results of thier efforts. How do I set up my default Google datacenter?! Setting a default google datacenter for when you call-up be simpler then you ever dreampt of. Now, you will only edit your HOST file! In Windows 98 the file resides in C:Windowshosts In Windows XP it is in C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32DRIVERSetchosts So if you have Windows XP, go to Start ---> Run , and write down this :"notepad 

C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32DRIVERSetchosts " and press enter! Okay, now add this lines on the end of HOSTS file: Now go to , Start ---> Run , write : "command" (without "" !!!) ,and press enter! write down ping and press enter.You will see that the returned IP it's You may now delete those 2 lines, and replace them with : Now ping again the and see what IP you have. Now let's pass in something more advanced, maybe you will want to change the google datacenters 100 times a day , so you may wishto add some virtuals domain names , like : Try to access in your google datacenter browser to see about whatI am talking about , and , etc , you may also pingthem. Here is a cool list of Google datacenters you may wish to add : Just add them one by one, and call them however you want. For Example : /// if you wish so Feel free to also modify the hosts files for others domain names asweel. The host file may also help you to access your web server while you didsome DNS chanes (You won't nead to wait for those 48 hours) For example, if I changed my to anather hostingprovider, that are hosting my websites on websites on : will do : www.softgroups.comM Where I can find a list of more google datacenters?! Here is a good list :

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