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keyword phrases (groups of two or more keywords).

 keyword phrases
The term keyword below includes both individual keywords, How to Find Keywords In order to optimize your website, you need to start with your list of effective keywords, and build your site around them. Each individual page of your site  keyword phrases should be based on not more than 3 keywords. So if you have 150 keywords, you construct a site of 50 pages minimum and so on. Don't consider this a disadvantage, because the more pages you have the more visitors you can attract to your site.

A good place to start finding keywords is by using the free Overture (Yahoo! Search Marketing) Keyword Selection Tool.

Enter your seed keyword (that is a word describing the overall theme of your website). It is always better to enter your keyword in the singular e.g. "cat" rather than the plural "cats". The Keyword Selection will return up to 100 keywords based on your seed keyword.

You will also notice a number on the left of each of your keywords this represents the number of (pay-per-click) searches that were made on each keyword in the past month.

You can generate even more keywords by clicking on any of the keywords in the list, and this will generate another group of keywords based on the keyword you clicked. You can select the keywords by right clicking in the Keyword Selection tool, and choosing "Select All" from the drop down box. Then choose "Copy" to save the results to your clipboard, from there you can paste them into your favorite text editor.

Then you need to select the keywords that are suitable  keyword phrases for your proposed website. Now you might think that keywords that attract the most searches are the best for your website. However, the down side is that the keywords that attract the most hits also attract the most competition.

Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI)

What you need to do is find the KEI for your keywords. The KEI is the number of searches divided by the number of websites based on that keyword. You need to use keywords with a KEI greater than 10 to effectively optimize your website.


The Keyword Selection Tool returned 691235 searches on the keyword "cat", and 1212 searches on the keyword "cat urine remover".

The number of searches on the Google search engine is 8 times the number of searches on Overture. So multiplying 691235 x 8 = 5529880 and 1212 x 8 = 9696 (searches for the Google search engine).

Next, you need to search the Google search engine for your keywords. If you look at the light blue bar near the top of the search results you will see something like "Results 1 - 20 of about 432,000,000 English pages for cat". This tells you, there are about 432,000,000 pages with the keyword "cat". In other words, if you based your website on the keyword "cat", you would be in competition with over 430 million other websites!

A search on Google, for the keyword "cat urine remover" returned a count of 155 websites. So, if you based your website on the keyword "cat urine remover", you'd be in competition with just 155 other websites. Most if not all these would not be optimized, so if you optimized your website for this keyword you could easily achieve a listing  keyword phrases in the top ten!

Calulate your KEI:

For the keyword "cat": 5529880 / 432000000 = 0.013 For the keyword "cat urine remover": 9696 / 155 = 62.6

The KEI for "cat urine remover" is 62.6, so this would be a very good keyword to use as the basis for a web page.

On the other hand, the KEI for "cat" is less than 1, so it would be a very   keyword phrases bad keyword to use as the basis for a web page.

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