Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Little known Secrets about Google & Yahoo top 10 optimisation

Secrets about Google
Top 10 search engine optimisation on any popular search engine like Secrets about Google, Yahoo, msn, etc. is a major concern for any body trying to reap the benifits of the net. Like many of you, i also had lot of concerns when i first started on the subject 3 years back.

Let's see what could be the major questions about search engine optimisation. To my mind, the following 3 come foremost.

(2) What is exactly to be done to achieve top 10 optimisation ? CLICK HERE!
(3) How can i constantly be at the top 10 on these search terms ? CLICK HERE!

Well, let's take each one at a time : -

(1) What key words or phrases should i concentrate on -
To begin with, one should concentrate on phrases, instead of individual words. This is because people around the world in phrases in general. A 2 word or a three word phrase is a great option.

Then use the all famous OVERTURE tool to find out how many people actually search for the above pharse in a single day. You should initially concentrate on phrases which rank lower in search results basicaly because, that is where there is much less competition in those search phrases and hence you stand a better chance optimise among the top 10 on those search terms or phrases.

If you find it all very difficult, here is a simple tool which wil make things eazy for you.

(2)What is exactly to be done to achieve top 10 optimisation -

The most important way to achieve top 10 optimisation is to CREATE CONTENT RICH WEB SITES & HAVE NUMEROUS IN BOUND LINKS TO YOUR SITE.
Content rich web sites are something which is liked by major search engines. One shoud study the sites of the competition who are already optimised for your similar search terms. Its only by genuine and quality content that you can please search engine and also your visitors alike.

Also, major search engines are counting the number of links to your web sites. In other words, how many of your catagory similar web sites are linking to you & what is the ranking of those linking web sites onto Secrets about Google or yahoo. Simply put you must link to more and more of highly ranked web sites to your own web site. This is like a voting meter used by major search engines to determine TOP 10 OPTIMISATION.

If all of the above looks greek to you, or you are not familiar with certain terms & would like some one to do this in a more easier & automated way for you, I recomend SEO ELITE for you. This simple product can do wonders in a much easier and automated fashion. To know more about this product CLICK HERE!

(3)How can i constantly be at the top 10 on these search terms -
Achieving top 10 ranking for certain keywords is one thig, but remaining top 10 consistently for those key words is another story altogether. For that we have to look at what the competition is doing and do the same or better it. What I mean is we need to constantly check the competition on Secrets about Google or Yahoo and do what they are doing. One such way is FINDING OUT THE ANCHOR TEXT of the competition. Anchor text is nothing but the Hyerlink which a web site uses to link to other web sites. By searching for top ranked web sites in our search terms & by FINDING OUT THE ANCHOR TEXT and then, using the same anchor text methods, we can dramatically improve our page rank on google.

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