Sunday, 19 August 2018

Search Engine Optimization Techniques Article Writing

Techniques Article Writing
My introduction to search engine optimization started in London a few years back and, after experimenting with Web Position Gold, I honed these skills to attain very good results in promoting clients' websites. Later, I discovered that link Techniques Article Writing building was a necessary but highly tedious monthly process. This I still do to an extent, but today I am increasingly drawn to article writing as the medium for promoting both ourselves and our clients in the world of Web 2.0.

As a former sub-editor for a number of publications in London, it is quite a stimulating pastime to research subjects that interest me. It is also as a valuable means of gaining exposure for our sites. So this year I will be writing for ourselves and our clients through submitting relevant articles to high PR websites; each will then Techniques Article Writing provide us with valuable one-way links.

Also, these articles will appear in the WordPress section of our website so as to syndicate the information further via our RSS feed. As an aside, Google's Adsense has been added to WordPress and I am keenly aware that the use of high-paying keywords could see some additional rewards for our efforts 'search engine optimization' ranking amongst the top performers.

According to the top ten keywords are: 1) 213,259 paris hilton 2) 155,497 google 3) 124,016 yahoo 4) 121,086 ebay 5) 96,264 eminem 6) 96,262 britney spears 7) 94,014 mapquest 8) 93,708 tsunami 9) 90,841 girls 10) 90,334

So, submissions have almost been suspended to the free directories and our monthly SEO programme is now much more focused on article writing. They are not intended to only have SEO value; they are being written to provide readers with relevant Techniques Article Writing and interesting content that may not be commonly available elsewhere.

There seem to be a plethora of e-zines out there that accept articles from writers, but I am concentrating on making submissions to the following list that have PR rankings of 7 thru 5: - PR7 - PR7 - PR7 - PR7 - PR7 - PR6 - PR6 - pr6 - PR6 - PR6 -PR6 - PR6 -PR6 - PR5 - PR5 - PR5 PR5 - PR5 - PR5 - PR5 - PR5 - PR5

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