Thursday, 9 August 2018

SEO job is a continuos service process.

SEO job
SEO job is a continuos service process.

Normal SEO Job: Suggest Competitive Key-phrase (To include in Page content of Site) Suggest Domain name Proper naming structure of files for search engines Proper phrasing of the page title / Meta tags Inclusion of a robots.txt file Creation of a sitemap

Pre-devlopment guide line: 1) Domain name suggestion : (.com / .net ) gemsstones / preciousstones / raregemstones / gems-stones / precious-stones 2) Directory and sub-directory should be named by key word. all file shoud be named only index.html, index.php etc. Put ( - ) to separate two word in directory or sub directory name ( example : ) 3) Try fill in the blanks all above key phrase within the content of pages ( ration 7% to 10 % )

note: For normal SEO job, Fee Can be include in the cost of web design.


[Only those who want to generate REVENUE From NET]

Advance SEO Work [include SEM work]: Create Reciprocal Link Page Engaging in a link campaign one-way Link Reciprocal Link Three-way Link Directory Submission Server Log analysis Press Releases Article Writing Blogs Purchasing Text Links (optional) Banner Advertising

Target work: Page Rank >4 Good SERP Competitive Key-phrase [SE- / /]

Time Require: New Site: 60 to 90 days Old Site: 30 to 60 days

SEM work [Depend on Client Advertisement budget] PPC Campaigns Bid-management Check ROI [Return on Investment] Benift: Site Listing can be visible on Top SE from next day after Registration. [Depend on BID amount] Site Visitors can be convert into BUYERS without wasting time. Even if site could not SELL product, small Revenue can be generate from Banner impression (Page Load). Bid amount will deduct, only when visitor click on visible link listed in SE.

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