Thursday, 16 August 2018

SEO Myths- Value of Page Rank

SEO Myths
Much ado about nothing! Google's Page Rank is probably the most hyped non issue that has taken the webmaster down the slippery slope of misinformation I have seen in a long time.

The Google Page Rank is a value that is seen in Google's toolbar that evaluates a website based upon the amount of incoming links.

The actual formula is a little bit more intensive and capitalizes on each pages value based upon inbound versus outbound links via a standard deviation and algorithmic equation.

Much has been assumed that the higher the Page Rank, the better the Search Engine Results ( SERPS) and related traffic benefits. This is absolutely wrong. Page Rank has the smallest if any value toward the Google algorithm calculations for SERPs.

Check the page ranks of any top ten search results, I am sure you will see several sites that have lower page rank but Higher SERP ( closer to #1).

Links are important to increasing traffic, Keyword Rich Anchor SEO Myths links are an important factor in the Search Engine Results, but generic links that create Page Rank, not a major be all end all Issue.

So if you are buying links or selling links for Links Sake, SEO Myths you are being taken advantage of, and are selling and buying into miss-information.

Do the tests yourself. "Allinanchor" or "inanchor" meaning Keyword related links are important. Straight Links for Page Rank Values and the ranking of a site. Not a Major issue.

Save your money going for Page Rank. Concentrate SEO Myths on fresh content, and improving the site, as well as linking with keyword anchor links.

Look for more information about SEO and Linking in the next article. Proper Links

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