Friday, 10 August 2018

SEO Promises from GMR

SEO Promises
What are the GMR Promises for developing Search Engine Optimized website?

* We are not going to have any throwaway web pages; we shall link all the WebPages in a logical sequence. * We shall not link your webpage SEO Promises with any harmful websites or websites which are considered as spam, but we shall have the links of your webpage in certain businesses which we feel shall be value adding to your business. * We shall not have any hidden textlinks written anywhere in the webpage, but we do say that we will embed the text and keywords so that your webpage is recognized by Search engines in a fast way. * We use our own algorithms to find the best keyword match once you give the phrases with which you want to appear in the search engines. We are not using any ready made tools to employ this, the tools and techniques we use vary with the latest news items posted by Yahoo, Google and MSN on search engine optimization. * We do not promise you the first rank in any search engine, but we do promise that by having some home made SEO algorithms; we increase the visibility in the search engines to a very great extent. * 

We will give you a flow map of your website that will show all the WebPages and their navigation in the website. * We promise that any confidential matter you would be sharing with us will not be revealed to any third party apart from the members of GMR web SEO Promises team. * We do a lot of research in order to show you on top, we shall require your cooperation and seek continuous maintenance with GMR web team so that latest trends of SEO shall be implemented. We also want to say at this point that SEO frameworks would be changing time and again. Big giants like Yahoo, Google and MSN continuously work on their algorithms to find the best website. So there will be no constant top position in any search engine if you stop having maintenance. * SEO Promises is a science of logic and no body can own any rights saying their algorithm is right or say others algorithm is wrong. It depends only on the perceiving capabilities of the search engine.

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