Saturday, 11 August 2018

SEO with free advanced tools

First you'll need to download those free tool's, they will help you better understand what you see on the search results and to know your competition level

1) Google search bar download here. This tool will show you the page rank of the visited site (more into page rank later...). This tool will work only with internet explorer.

2) Firefox internet explorer has plug-in "SEO links" that will show you how many back links has a site. This is good for identifying the level of competition. Now when the Firefox can work with google toolbar, it will make your work a lot easier. It also have the tabs feature that will allow you to open multiple windows(sites) in one application window and with addition of another plug-in to save all sites as a group, this way you can categorize the site you need to work with and load all the category(group) with one click.

3) This one is actually a site that you can use to search google by keywords or check witch sites links to your competitors and sort the results by Page Rank or relevancy. This is a better way to identify your competition. I recommend combining to last tool (view this site in the Fire fox and have the plug in installed). This way you can quickly check the number of links within the results just by moving the mouse over the links in the results. The higher the Page Rank or the number of links, the sites in the results have higher level of competition.

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