Saturday, 18 August 2018

Worlds Biggest Mistake When Linking IT ONLY TAKES 10 SECONDS

Worlds Biggest Mistake
I am going to scream if I see this mistake again. This Worlds Biggest Mistake article (paragraph actually) can show you how to optimize your web pages in less than 10 seconds.

Type in "miserable failure" in Google and see what comes up. I will save you time and tell you that it comes up at the official White House Webpage.

Yes that is the official web page for Worlds Biggest Mistake President George W Bush. So how did this happen?

Easy, by "Google Bombing" a website with the anchor text "miserable failure" a bunch of buddies got together and created a load of "one way" links to Bush's webpage.

In simple English Google thinks that George's bio page is about miserable failure and makes this their number one listing.

How can you use this to profit and drive more traffic to your website?

Without going into a large article or explanation when you link make sure the anchor text contains the keywords that you want to rank high for.

We want to rank high for "Internet Marketing Consultants" so we Worlds Biggest Mistake use this to as a link to direct users to our desired page.



Here is the code if you do not know html

Put your website address in Then Put your desired anchor text in

Google and other crawler based Search Engines see this text as Worlds Biggest Mistake the most important factor in determining search results.

Now go enjoy better rankings

Kris Koonar

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